Educational and Support Services

Lessons In Care offers in-person and virtual training and group facilitation that can help you learn more about aging and/or caregiving well.

Training and/or educational opportunities include the following:

  • Brain Matters: Alzheimer’s? Maybe, Maybe Not. This interactive program will help participants understand normal age-related brain changes, causes of dementia symptoms (some can be reversed), and brain disorders like Alzheimer’s. For anyone concerned about a loved one’s brain health… and their own.

  • Brain Matters: Keeping the Engine Purring. This interactive program will present thinking and memory strategies that help to maintain independence and function. If you’re concerned about a loved one’s brain health… or your own… this program is for you.

  • Brain Matters: When Words Aren’t Enough. This interactive program will help participants understand how thinking and memory challenges can affect a person’s ability to communicate with others. Participants will also learn strategies for improving communication and reducing potential behavioral concerns. For anyone with a friend, loved one, or acquaintance with communication challenges.

  • Brain Matters: Supportive Home Environments. This interactive program will help caregivers create a home environment that is a safer and more supportive for the person with cognitive challenges… and helps to reduce caregiver stress.

  • Tools Caregivers Need. Personal and community resources for family caregivers

  • Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Professsionals. Strategies to help family caregivers advocate for their loved ones and for themselves.

  • User-Friendly Homes 101. Home modifications that can make your home safer and more enjoyable.

  • User-Friendly Homes 102. Gadgets to accommodate your changing needs.

  • Stress Busters for Family Caregivers facilitation ( A nine-week program that helps caring family members/friends/neighbors lower stress, anxiety, and anger and improve quality of life.

Interested in any of the above... or a different age or caregiving-related program? Contact Chris at 847-596-8226 use the Contact Me Form on the Contact page .